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Hi All,

  1. I have just had a very interesting phone conversation with a Referee who is a Dublin Branch member.
  2. This was on the back of the letter I had posted on all our media sites regarding the withdrawal of services for the coming week end in the N.D.SL. & M.G.L. Leagues.
  3. He informs me that he is aware of some referees are not fulfilling their duties according to Law 5 .3 Powers & duties of the match official of the laws of the games.
  4. He actually witnessed at least two colleagues (Members) who told the manager after the game its O.K. I wont be sending in a report. These officials were abused and then failed to carry out their duties after the game accepting a flimsy apology. Let the league decide their punishment, This will be a preventative measure going forward. And is also a means of maintain records of repeat offenders who abuse our officials.
  5. He actually went as far as telling me he would without hesitation stand up in a packed hall and repeat what he said to me on the phone, this will not be required as I 100% believe this referee.
  6. We had a good long conversation and I am now obliged to make you all aware that if this is not done correctly by all our members then abuse from managers coaches parents will continue and will not be irradicated from our game, remember if you fail to act the referee next week will received the same abuse from the manager, coach, player or parent you were duty bound to report the week prior.
  7. We as a committee have been fighting very very hard on your behalf with leagues, Disciplinary control committees to ensure offenders who assault, abuse, threaten our members are dealt with according to the letter of the law.
  8. Unfortunately the lack of reporting is severely letting all of us down and I can only request we all begin from today to step up to the plate, we are haemorrhaging new referees recently who simply cannot take this abuse, we need new blood in the game and we also need to protect them by simply doing our duty.
  9. If you require compiling a report please consult myself, Eddie, Sean or any committee member who will guide you in the right direction.

Law 5.3. Powers and duties The referee:

• enforces the Laws of the Game.

• controls the match in cooperation with the other match officials.

• acts as timekeeper, keeps a record of the match and provides the appropriate authorities with a match report, including information on disciplinary action and any other incidents that occurred before, during or after the match

• supervises and/or indicates the restart of play.

The Dublin Branch Committee cannot stress enough that it is incumbent on the match official to report all incidents in their game that is above the normal.

Failure to report these incidents may lead to disciplinary proceedings.


Dave Fitzsimons


Dublin Branch I.S.R.S.

9th Nov 2021.

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