The branch committee comprises of a maximum of 13 committee members. Elections are held for the committee positions annually at the AGM (see AGM page). To be eligible for election, a candidate MUST have at least two years continuous membership of the Branch, immediately preceding the election, regularly attend branch meetings, and must not hold any position (paid or unpaid), in the FAI, or any of it’s affiliated leagues, excluding Referees Observers  and Instructors. Upon election to the committee, members serve a term  for one (1) year, and can seek re – election at subsequent AGM’s. Committee meetings are held  in advance of each branch meeting, so generally speaking committee members would attend 18 to 20 meetings a year, although the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer would attend many other external meetings.

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The committee for the current term are listed below


Chairman Dave Fitzsimons LSL

Honorary Secretary Sean Slattery LSL

Treasurer Tony Redmond LSL

Vice- Chair  Tomas Connolly Airtricity  (Education Officer)

Asst Secretary/Registrar Eddie Reilly  LSL

Asst Treasurer Paddy Hughes AFL

Frank Bartley AUL

Matthew Burke LSL

Alex Byrne DDSL

Derek Carey DDSL (Equipment Officer)

Paul Tuite(Airtricity)

Danny Lambe NDSL (Bereavement Officer)

Fred Hosford(DDSL)


If any branch member incurs any issues or problems ,please feel free to contact any of the above committee who would be delighted to help or guide you in anyway possible


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