Membership List

2020/21 membership list has now been issued below.

Remember it is your responsibility to ensure any match official you are working with is also a member of the ISRS. If in any doubt when working with another referee please contact the Hon. Secretary or Treasurer.

The Branch Committee endeavors to keep the members list as up to date as possible. From time to time the list may change.

If your name is omitted from the below or any details are wrong please contact us to rectify this.

Up to date list of Members 2020/21

Active Members
Adamczak Leszek LSL
Akkilc Umre LSL
Allen Paul AUL
Armstrong Dylan LSL
Bajrami Besin LSL
Baneham Kevin LSL
Bannon Nathan LSL
Barry Kevin DDSL
Bartley Frank AUL
Beasley Christopher AUL
Beasley Warren LSL
Beatty Mark LFL
Behan Gerry DDSL
Bell Tony LSL
Blake Noel DDSL
Bowes Joseph DDSL
Boyd Sean DDSL
Boylan Ken LFL
Bradley Robert LFL
Bradshaw Shane LSL
Brady John F.
Brady Paula Airtricity
Brennan John NDSL
Brennan Vincent DDSL
Brien Flann DDSL
Brihi Samir NDSL
Browne Martin DDSL
Bruton Andrew DDSL
Burke Damien AFL
Burke Shay DDSL
Butler Fintan DDSL
Butler Stephen DDSL
Butterly Keith UCL
Byrne Alex DDSL
Byrne Keith DDSL
Byrne Kevin LSL
Byrne Liam NDSL
Byrne Reece NDSL
Byrne Robert NDSL
Byrne William DDSL
Campbell Chris Airtricity
Carey Alan Airtricity
Carey Anthony LSL
Carey Darren Airtricity
Carey Derek DDSL
Cassin Kevin
Castillo Antonio AUL
Caswell Graham DDSL
Cimpoesu Claudiu LSL
Clabescu Ionat DDSL
Clarke Aaron SDFL
Clarke Brendan LSL
Clarke Des DDSL
Clarke Garry NDSL
Clarke Robert Airtricity
Cleary Andrew LSL
Cleary Brian NDSL
Coghlan Brian AFL
Coleman Brendan UCL
Colreavy Raymond DDSL
Colreavy Lorcan DDSL
Comiskey Michael LSL
Connolly Ben Airtricity
Connolly Eamonn LSL
Conroy Adam LSL
Conroy Ciaran LSL
Conway Patrick NDSL
Corcoran Karl LSL
Coughlan Brendan LSL
Creed Martin NDSL
Cristian Ionat DDSL
Cullen Michael LSL
Cunningham Larry AUL
Dalton John NDSL
Daly Christopher LSL
Daly Edward DDSL
Daly Ronan LFL
Deehan Eamon DDSL
Delaney Ciaran Airtricity
Devaney Orla NDSL
Doherty Thomas UCL
Dolan Michael LSL
Domican Stephen AUL/NDSL
Donnelly Patrick LSL
Donohoe Craig LSL
Donohue Joe DDSL
Donovan Daragh LSL
Dowling Peter NDSL
Doyle Kevin
Doyle Malachy AFL
Doyle Neil Airtricity
Duffy Colin LSL
Duffy Lee NDSL
Dunne David Airtricity
Dunne Patrick NDSL
Durran Alex AUL
Earley David DDSL
Early Mick DDSL
Elliot Kenny NDSL
Ellison Declan DDSL
Emerson Brendan AFL
Farrell Declan NDSL
Farrell Stephen LFL
Fitzgerald Gerard DDSL
Fitzpatrick Barry LSL
Fitzpatrick Frank LSL
Fitzsimons David LSL
Floody Paddy DDSL
Foley Craig LSL
Foley Nancy NDSL
Fowler Edward NDSL
Freeland Billy DDSL
Furlong Daniel
Gahan Wayne AFL
Gallagher David LSL
Gallagher Derek DDSL
Gallagher Mark AFL
Gannon William UCL
Geoghegan Paul LFL
Geraghty Glen LFL
Geraghty Peter NDSL
Gilys Modestas NDSL
Hand Brian NDSL
Hand Seán NDSL
Hanney John
Harvey Rob Airtricity
Hickson Gerard NDSL
Higgins Gavin NDSL
Hosford Fred DDSL
Horgan Stephen
Houlihan Mark AUL
Hughes Michael LFL
Hughes Patrick AFL
Hunter Brendan DDSL
Hutchinson Paul UCL
Ibeanu Israel DDSL
Karaczan Andrzej AFL
Kavanagh Andrew DDSL
Kavanagh Denis LSL
Kavanagh Pat LSL
Kavanagh Roy DDSL
Keane Seán DDSL
Kearney Anthony LSL
Kearns Robert LSL
Keating Christy UCL
Keating Jack DDSL
Keating James LSL
Keegan Darragh Airtricity
Kelly David LFL
Kelly Jason SDFL
Kelly Noel LSL
Kelly Owen NDSL
Kelly Paul NDSL
Kelly Peter NDSL
Kelly Ronan NDSL
Kelly Wayne LSL
Kenny Patrick AUL
Kiernan David DDSL
Kitson David NDSL
Lang Paul UCL
Langley Stephen DDSL
Larkin Paul NDSL
Lawless Brian AUL/UCL
Lawless Jr Brian LSL
Lawless Samuel DDSL
Lawless Timara DDSL
Lawlor Tony NDSL
Lawrence Christopher NDSL
Leeper Gary AFL
Linnie Leo LSL
Lynch Michael AFL
Lynch Ray AFL
McCarthy Craig UCL
McCarthy John LSL
McClinton Gerry DDSL
McConnell Mark LSL
McDonnell Joseph AFL/NDSL
McDonnell Wayne Airtricity
McEvoy Ben DDSL
McGuirk Liam DDSL
McLoughlin Niall DDSL
McKevitt Tom AFL
McNeill Patrick LSL
Magee Jeff DDSL
Mahon Alan DDSL
Mahoney Peter LSL
Malone Emmet DDSL
Marry Stuart LSL
Marsh Padraig DDSL
Michura Piotr
Millar Glen LSL
Modestas Gilys NDSL
Molloy John SDFL
Mooney Paul LSL
Mooney Robert SDFL
Moore Aidan AUL
Moran Oliver Airtricity
Moynihan Mark LSL
Murphy Andrew LSL
Murphy Christopher LFL
Murphy Daniel Airtricity
Murphy Gabriel AFL
Murphy Owen LSL
Murphy Terry AUL
Murray Niall LSL
Nolan Karl UCL
Nolan Philip AUL
Nolan Thomas DDSL
Norton Paul DDSL
O’Brien Aidan AUL
O’Brien Kate NDSL
O’Connor Brendan LSL
O’Connor Brian AUL
O’Connor Sean LSL
O’Dowd Aaron DDSL
O’Dowd Peter DDSL
Ogunslakis Joshua
O’Hanlon Joseph AUL
O’Neill Chris DDSL
O’Reilly Joe LSL
O’Rourke Josh NDSL
O’Shea Dermot AFL
O’Shea Karl LSL
O’Shea Rory DDSL
O’Toole John NDSL
Patchell Alan Artricity
Patchell Mark LSL
Pender David LSL
Peppard Patrick DDSL
Pisarnik Aaron SDFL
Ponarad Wojciech AFL
Pourhassan Fred NDSL
Power Paul UCL
Preston Noel AUL
Quigley Dominic LSL
Quinn Thomas DDSL
Ralph Geovanni NDSL
Ray Jason DDSL
Reale Declan LSL
Redmond Anthony LSL
Redmond Dylan NDSL
Redmond Robert LSL
Regan Vincent LSL
Reid John AUL
Reid Paul LSL
Reilly Eddie LSL
Robinson Rory NDSL
Roche Thomas DDSL
Rogers Nathan NDSL
Rogers Robert Airtricity
Rooney Derek LSL
Rossitter Jake DDSL
Ruggier Fred AUL
Rush John D AUL
Russell Philip LSL
Saric Alexander
Scully William NDSL
Shannon Thomas SDFL
Shannon William SDFL
Shelley Paul AUL
Shevlin John DDSL
Silva Eric LSL
Sinclair Wesley DDSL
Singleton Alan UCL
Smart Gilbert UCL
Smith John DDSL
Sneyd Olivia NDSL/WNL
Spierin Aidan UCL
Stephens Sean AUL
Suteu Alin AUL
Szomboti Daniel DDSL
Thornton John LSL
Tolan Damien Airtricity
Tomney Derek LSL
Tracey Brian DDSL
Traynor Thomas LSL
Troy Declan Airtricity
Tuite Paul Airtricity
Turner Dean NDSL
Twamley Brendan AFL
Walker Owen NDSL
Walsh John J AFL/UCL
Ward David LSL
Watson John AUL
Wells Liam SDFL
Whelan Brian LSL
White Darragh NDSL
Wright Martin NDSL
Boylan Joseph LSL
Bourke Anthony
Corcoran Martin DDSL
Glynn Richard LSL
Nolan Kevin LSL
O Connor Pat DDSL
O’Reilly Jimmy AFL
Slattery Sean LSL
Travers Shay LSL
Wynne James LSL
Davenport William SDFL
Kearney Tony LSL
Brown Patrick
Buckley Bernard
Burke Matthew
Byrne Patrick
Cahill Paul
Carpenter John
Clarke John
Finlay Ben
Fisher Dave
Foran Anthony
Gaff Denis
Geoghan Tony
Hanney Declan
Hudson Brendan
Hughes (AUL) Paddy
Judd Ken
Kearney Tony
Kelly Dermot
Keogh Patrick
Lambe Danny
Lawlor Tony
Lynch Robert
Marsh Ronald
McEvoy Brendan
McGrath Patrick
McParland Terry
O’Brien Joseph
O’Dowd Tony
O’Leary Charlie
O’Neill Tadgh
Pennie Patrick
Purcell John
Rapple Vivian
Rogers Emmanuel
Shakespeare Michael
Stokes Ian
Stokes John
Swift John
Tierney Dominic
Traynor James
Young George
Caulfield Michael
Clarke Bernard
Daly Paddy
Hancox Harold
Kelly Christy
McGrath Gerald
McGregor Edward
Moran Terence
Nutley Noel
White Christopher