News and Updates


The next Branch meeting will take place on Thursday 12th November at 8pm. Beginners class will begin at 7pm on the top floor. 

Notices from November Branch Meeting

Footwear on All Weather Pitches

Members are reminded that no club or facility can stop a referee from wearing a certain type of footwear in any sanctioned game. If in the event you are refused entry to a pitch due to your choice of footwear (ie flats on an astro) get the card filled out, collect your fee and report this to the competition organisers.


Any member who is a victim of an assault should immediately follow the below Abandon the game

Contact the Gardaí

Report the incident to both the competition organiser and to the branch secretary

Never speak to any media or third party in relation to the incident without getting advice from the branch

Seek guidance from a member of the committee or senior referee in your league if you are struggling with anything in regards the report

Make sure all facts are correct, accurate and truthful


If a member of the branch is contacted by the FAI or DRRC in relation to any matter please don’t hesitate to contact the branch secretary in confidence for guidance on the matter.

The FAI are unable to contact the branch directly about your matter however once you make contact with us we will give you our full support in any way we can on the matter. Our number 1 role as your committee is to serve and support you as our members. We can’t stress enough how much we will help and support we’ll give you once you ask us


The 6 from 9 rule is in existence for the benefit of all members. In addition to this it was brought in by the members and not by the committee. Any member of the branch is required to attend 6 from 9 meetings. Those unable to attend can request to be excused via email or post (Text message, phone call or comment on Facebook/Website will not suffice) to the Hon. Secretary Seán Slattery 7 days before or after the meeting.


Final call for all our members looking for tickets for the 60th anniversary dinner tomorrow in the Red Cow Moan Hotel. for ticket queries please contact Tony Redmond ASAP. For those attending doors are 7:15 with seating commencing at 7:45


The Dublin Branch would like to wish Aaron Pisarnik (LSL), Brian Lawless (AUL), Fintan Butler (DDSL), Lee Duffy (LSL), Mark Gallagher (AFL), Mark Houlihan (AUL), Mark Patchell (LSL), Orla Devaney (NDSL), Paul Mooney (LSL), Seán O’Connor (LSL) and Seán Stephens (LSL) all the best in their final module and graduation from the FAI School of Excellence.

We would like to thank Dublin Branch Life Memebers Ian Stokes and Declan Hanney, former branch member Conor Fitzgerald and Martin Maloney of the Kildare branch for their help and dedication given to the  school and support to our members throughout the process.


Congratulations to Mark Houlihan (centre) for winning AUL Referee of the year


The branch would also like to wish Leinster Senior League Referee Joe Boylan a speedy recovery from his recent operation and hope to see Joe back in the middle of a pitch as soon as possible.



The Committee would like to thank Eamon Scott of the Striker Online and Daniel Kelly of the FAI Communications department for their help and contribution to our website supplying our new images.