Training and Fitness

All Training Venues are currently suspended due to Covid 19 restrictions and will resume when possible.


Inchicore Athletic All Weather

Wednesday 6pm-7pm

Contact Anto Carey – 0872553443


Ballymun FC Sports Complex

Tuesday 8:30pm-9:30pm

Contact Terry Murphy – 0838156650



Tuesday 6:30-7:30pm

Contact Niall Murray – 0861705055


Altipeak Long Mile Road

Monday 730-830pm

Contact Altipeak – 014659837



ISRS Partnered Physios

Stephen Braiden          0873671880

Alan Dooley                      0896151138







Complete each exercise once Warm up Exercise Description
Jog forwards
Jog backwards
Jog side ways right Turn to your right, feet parallel, jog sideways
Jog side ways left Turn to your left, feet parallel, jog sideways
Walking lunges Step forward, back heel comes off the ground. Bend both knees to 90degrees. Step forwards, change legs.
Hip warm up Lift r. knee to 90 degrees; rotate it out to the side. Step forwards, change legs.
Heel flicks Lift heels towards your buttocks, jogging forwards slowly
Knee Raises Lift knees to hip height as you jog forwards slowly
Jog forwards, touch right, touch left Jogging forwards, touch ground to your right side, then left side
Right knee over left knee Turn to your left, raise right knee 90degrees, place foot over left knee & travel sideways
Left knee over right knee Turn to your right, raise left knee 90 degrees, place left foot over right knee & travel sideways
Riverdance Kick heels into the floor & point toes to the side
Jog forwards, arms forwards Jogging, make a full circle forwards with the arms
Jog forwards, arms backwards Jogging, make a circle backwards with the arms
Sprint 70% effort Walk back to recover
Jog this one Walk back to recover
Sprint 80% effort Walk back to recover
Jog last one. Walk back to recover

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