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Letter to our members from Chairman Dave Fitzsimons and the Committee


Dublin Branch membership


Dublin Branch Committee


Membership Fees 2021.

Hi All,

Your Branch committee have been meeting regularly during the lockdown period via zoom meetings.

Last week the executive members of the committee met twice to discuss fees etc going forward.

During the current climate and with many of our member’s on different payment schemes etc, our executive member and Current secretary and national vice president Sean Slattery was asked  by us to raise our concerns to council on the hardships of seeking a full fee from our  member’s may cause. 

Sean met the national council last Friday night via zoom and brought back good news to me and our executive members last Saturday morning.

Council are only seeking a €10.00 fee per member to cover insurance until the end of 2021, this fee will cover each member until December 31st, 2021, hopefully we can get back to our football and training as soon as we defeat this Covid Virus. Our President & Council deserve great credit in the excellent way they handled the current situation regarding fees.

Your executive decided to recommend to the full committee that this fee was the only money to be sought from our members for 2021, this was passed unanimously by the committee last night.

The good news to all  for this year we the Dublin Branch are only seeking this €10.00 and NO more.

Eddie Reilly will send / post an e mail to all regarding the methods of payments available to each member. Any other issues regarding fees feel free to call Eddie outside work hours.

As yet there is NO word on seminars, again we requested Sean to seek an update from our national council in order for us to keep our members as up to date as possible, as soon as we know you will be advised accordingly.

Due to the current situation worldwide and all over Ireland it not possible to conduct our Annual A.G.M. in February 2021, if the current situation changes, we hope to have our A.G.M. mid May, until then your current committee will remain as is.

I have requested all our committee members to keep you all informed and up to date on any issues via your wat’s app training groups, face book etc.

It was great to touch base with some of you over the Christmas and New year period and to know you were all safe and well.

Please stay safe and adhere to all our current guidelines, remember to call a colleague and shoot the breeze. Keep up the individual training for now guys / ladies.(Physical & mental Health)

A big Congratulations to all our appointed F.I.F.A. referees and assistant referees, Sean will write to all on behalf of your Branch.

Congrats to all our Referees, male and female who were absolutely exceptional during the senior cup finals, you were all a credit to your branch.

On behalf of you all and the Dublin Branch I would personally like to congratulate Sean Slattery on his appointment as National Vice president, a massive Honour for a very hard-working Dublin Branch member.

Our Former Vice president and Branch member in many Roles Dermot Kelly was released from Hospital the other day, great news for us and his Wife patsy and family, Dermot is a true society and referees’ man.

Finally please try and join the club Zap app it’s a very good way of paying fees and receiving current and up to date information, Eddie is currently in negotiations with the provider about new ways this app can be of more benefit to our members.

Hoping 2021 / 2022 brings us all better news.

Regards & Best wishes to all ( and your Families)

Dave Fitzsimons


Dublin Branch


Season Registration

FAI Registration for the new season is now available online here. You can also download a form to post in if you prefer rather than doing so online here 


Membership List

The most up to date membership is now available on our membership list page which can be found here

2 thoughts on “News and Updates”

  1. Can you let me know if there is any new protocol being introduced for officiating games with respect to the covid 19 issue,tks.


    1. Hi Dermot.

      The only change in protocol is that which has been issued by the FAI which is a ban on handshakes. This should be between you and anyone when refereeing your games including your assistants if operating with them.


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